Aiming for Perfection In Your Career

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Apologies for the sporadic posts... I guess this blog is kinda starting to look a lot like my life; chaotic, unorganised, and kind of messily beautiful. But that's okay, because *newsflash* PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST and even striving for perfection is bullshit, because it's quite simply in-achievable. 

(Queue the crazy rant about how saying someone is perfect is being ignorant, because not acknowledging someone has flaws gives them crazily unrealistic standards to live up to- which they'll never be able to live up to. Damn it's hard not to spin off and write a whole post about how imperfection is the new perfection... I need to do that sometime


The whole thing about expecting perfection is kinda relevant to this post in a way I guess.

Because when it comes to career goals and aspirations, people are taught from a young age that their working lives are going to be perfect... and that if you don't have the perfect career, then you're failing at life. (Note: You're not failing at life) 

And it's not even just about telling kids that they should pursue a career in Law so that they can have lots of money and live happily ever after. I'm sure there are plenty of people who are thrilled with a "top" career like that, and I'm sure they lead fully satisfying lives. But are their lives perfect? No. Are their jobs perfect? NO. Are their careers perfect? NO!!! 

I'm also sure that these people who live (mostly) happy lives and have a (mostly) satisfying career, have days where they hate their job. Maybe they go in and have to work with someone so aggravating that they just. Can't. Take. It. It probably sucks, a lot. You know what society's conditioned response to that would be? GO QUIT YOUR JOB! GET A NEW JOB, YOU'LL BE HAPPIER! But what if you love your job, and you're just having a bad day, month, year... Why not go into work expecting less, and be surprised when you end up falling in love with your career all over again.

I expect that most of you will know that I used to work in McDonald's. Obviously, it wasn't the most 'glamorous' job in the world, and I absolutely hated working there for the first month or so, but you know what? I bloody loved that job, and I loved the people who worked there. I loved the conversations that I had with some of the customers- like the time a lady came through drive thru and showed me a bunch of newborn baby chicks that she was taking to a shelter. And a heck of a lot of people looked down on me for it.

I have this friend  that always seems to complain about not having a job, and how I've had so many jobs and job offers etc. etc. but when it comes down to it, the only thing that's stopping her from getting a job is that her standards are a little bit too high. I once suggested that I could pass her CV on to my manager, and put in a good word for her. Her response was to give me an adorably degrading smile, and say "Oh, I'm not that desperate yet". Obviously, we laughed it off, no big deal. 

But her problem was that she expected perfection. She thought that because she had good grades at school and was going to one of the top unis in Scotland (which ftw, so am I) that she could get any job she wanted. So she was applying for positions that she would never get because she had no experience. And now she's still unemployed, and I have two part time office jobs as well as uni. 

Please, please don't get me wrong- I'm not trying to brag at all. That's not what this is about.

What I want to do with this post is metaphorically lift up a megaphone and shout to everyone that "MAYBE SOMETIMES IN LIFE, LOWERING YOUR STANDARDS ISN'T A BAD THING" Because maybe in order to be happy with the life you lead, you need to realise how much you already have and how much more you can realistically achieve. 

So yeah, oops. I guess I did kinda go on a bit of a 'perfection' rant. I'm sure there'll be plenty more to come. But for now I think I'll just leave it at that, and let you mull over that for a while.

p.s. Happy New Year

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