I CANT Do It All- and Neither Can You

Sunday, 5 March 2017

I love being busy. I really do.

"I'd always rather be busy than have nothing to do" is a phrase I've said countless times; and I'm pretty sure I've meant it every time as well. Even when I'm drowning in uni assignments and working 6 days a week... yeah, no wander this blog has had a bit of a downfall lately.

I'm one of those people who just want to do it all.

One of my friends from uni is like this as well. She plays sport regularly, work part time, and somehow always takes it upon herself to bear the crux of any group project she's involved in. She doesn't realise it, but she actively creates more for her 'to do list' than is necessary... or even healthy. Although I don't always see this in myself, I often tend to do the same thing.

I work 25 hours a week, as well as keeping on top of uni, as well as making sure I don't neglect any of my friends from within and outwith uni, as well as making sure I spend enough time with my family... and at the end of the week, the only time I've really had to myself is that glorious hour that I have every morning where I wake up and decide what I'm going to put on my face. The end product is that when it gets to the one day a week that I don't have uni or work, I end up making plans because I don't know how to stop until I crash. 

And let me tell you this- crashing is really not nice. There have been a few times in the past where I've pushed myself so hard, to the point where I have physically been sick because that's the only way my body can really force me to stop. 

"Sometimes being busy feels good, and sometimes keeping busy makes us feel important. But you are valuable because of who you were made to be, not because of the activities you do. Your worth does not depend on your busyness. You can do fewer things, even if the things on your calendar are all good things" ~Becoming Minimalist

You see, it's essential that I do stop... before my body has to go into shut-down mode. I need to remind myself that even though the things I do are important, that it's just as important to take time out for myself. Especially after a full on week of uni-work, uni-work, uni-work... you get the drill.

And while it's super important that I make sure my friends and family know that they are wanted and cherished by me, it's also important that I take time out to cherish myself. Even if that's just taking a couple of hours out of each day to go on a walk, read a book/blog, have a bath, or watch a movie.

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  1. I completely understand where you're coming from, I can't stand not having anything to do, so much so that I end up creating tasks for myself! I ended up having panic attacks, etc. and had to call into work sick as I was working or in college seven days a week :(
    I've realised now, just as you have, that I need to start taking time for myself. I'm in the habit of having a bubble bath every Sunday after work, and it works wonders for my mental health!
    Thank you for sharing this, I feel there are so many people that don't realise how damaging constantly being busy really is :) x


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