The Best Measure of Self-Worth

Sunday, 16 April 2017

*insert para about how I put a tonne of pressure on myself in school, etc, etc*

You've heard it all before. I'm not going to lie, I did pretty damn well in school... and thank goodness I did; I worked my ass off for those A's. I needed good grades at that point in my life to prove my self worth to myself, my parents, my teachers, my schoolmates, and whoever was going to determine whether I went to uni/got a 'good' job and what not. 

Can I just broadcast this to anyone still in school? It's really fucking important. Get me a megaphone or something cos there are millions of high-schoolers who need to know this;


(yes, even if you get amazing grades. That doesn't make you any better/more successful than the girl who sat next to you in the exam writing Taylor Swift lyrics because she couldn't be bothered with chemistry)

And that continues after school.

I am not boasting or bragging in any way shape or form at all. I wanna make that loud and clear, because what I'm about to say could very well easily be taken as obnoxious and big-headed. That is not where I'm coming from. But where I am coming from, is from a position where I have two really good, professional jobs, and I am currently studying for a degree in one of the top universities for my course in the UK, if not Europe. And yeah, I'm sure that sounds great. Impressive, maybe.

But at no point in time will it ever make me worth more than my good friend who is working full time in McDonalds.

Just because someones starting point is the same as someone else's end-game, does not determine how much they are valued as a person. 

I recently posted a quote by Van Gogh on instagram. It said "What is done in love is done well"... and I guess that goes for all aspects of life. Because here's the secret, the undertone of this whole post; the best measure of self-worth is love. 

Not your grades, or your degree, or your university, or your job. Not your body, or your makeup, or your clothes. Not the amount of friends you have, or the amount of enemies you've made. 

None of that. Just plain ol' love. (God I'm starting to sound like a hippie)

What I mean by that is, when you go to judge your self-worth, make sure you do it out of a place of love. So that if you have 'crap' grades according to your teacher, but you got above 0, celebrate the questions you got right. And if you've got into one of the crappiest uni's ever, celebrate the fact that you got into uni. 

Ask the people who love you, how much they value you.

Because chances are, from an external perspective (i.e. anyone who's not you), you're worth more than your weight in gold.

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