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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Let's start with a little music. One of the biggest perks of working in TGI Fridays is that the playlist is bomb. The amount of times I've been stressed out my nut, or felt as if I was about to burst into tears, just for an amazing Pick-Me-Up Anthem to come on. It's incredible. Leaving You Behind by Clean Cut Kid is one of those songs that comes on quite a lot, but I never found out who it was by until it came on when I was listening to the TRNSMT Festival Lineup Playlist on shuffle.

So I've never heard of her before (sorry) but apparently Lele Pons is something of an internet sensation. I was scrolling through instagram's 'suggested videos' yesterday when I came across one of Lele's insta-sketches. It made me laugh out loud... seriously. (I may or may not have insta-stalked her for the rest of the night)

I don't really have any of Hannah Gale's posts that I want to talk about in paticular, because let's face it that girl is an all-round queen. Every post she writes is uplifting, amazing and comedic. She brings every young woman's inner voice to light in the most colourful way, and I love it!

If you're anything like me then you'll have dozens of notebooks, and no idea what to fill them with. Last summer I went on a massive MASSIVE stationary rampage in the hopes of preparing myself for university. The result? I still have a box full of notebooks and binders and pens that haven't seen the light of day since they were stacked up on stationary shop shelves. Jordan Clark amazingly brings some solutions that even I had never thought of.

So about a year and a half ago I joined my local gym. I paid the entry fee, bought myself a new pair of trainers and sports leggings... and I can count the number of times I went in the past year and a half on my hands. I'm not even kidding. But now, because I'm moving out to Glasgow in August, I've decided to join PureGym with my friend Erin- and I'm actually going to go this time.

5 Happy Things

Sunday, 7 May 2017

I'm writing this a week in advance, because right now its 1:50am and I can't sleep, and for once I've actually got time on my hands. There's my number one... time.

 I am so thankful for all the time that I've got, to be able to do all the things that I do. For example, on Tuesday the 2nd of May, I will have gone to a flat viewing, met up with my friend from Northern Ireland and gone to work. Call me superwoman? I'm so happy that I have time to spend with the people I love.

Speaking of people I love, my friend Zoe finally gets back from her trip home to Northern Ireland this week! I'm so excited to see her, she's honestly like a little ray of sunshine... it's impossible not to smile when Zoe is around!!

About two months ago or so, I opened up my etsy shop, where I now sell my scrub n' kiss lip scrubs (You can check them out here if you're interested!). And just last week I received my first ever order from outside the UK, (to NY) which was super exciting!!

My Mum and Brother recently came back from visiting my Dad who works in Belgium... and yes, while they did go without me (I was working) they brought me back this giant slab of chocolate. By giant, I mean it was probably about 50-by-30cm of pure white chocolate sprinkled with smarties. And if that's not heaven then I don't know what is.

A New Home
This is the biggest announcement of the day... Last week, I put down the deposit on my own first ever flat!!! I'm going to be moving in with two of my close friends from Uni mid-August before the new semester starts, and we'll be renting for a minimum of a year, which is super exciting! It's a gorgeous wee place with massive bedrooms, and a decent sized kitchen too, and I can't wait to move into it.

What's made you happy lately? 

Reaction: I'm not dressing to look thinner

Monday, 1 May 2017

You know that amazing moment when a really young child catches a glance of their reflection in a mirror? They giggle and squeal, and give themselves these huge, cheesy grins. They look in the mirror, at their own reflection, with amusement- and love.

When did we lose that? When did we start looking in the mirror and pointing out our flaws?

Last month, Hannah Gale (the actual legend of a human being) published a post to talk about her experience of uploading a picture of herself on instagram... and being called out on it because the 'angle and outfit' wasn't 'flattering'. I'm not even kidding, you can read her post about it here.

I find it so ridiculous that in this day an age (where every second post I see on instagram is something to do with appreciating our own and other peoples beauty) someone would be as arrogant and idiotic as to make someone feel insignificant and ugly by leaving such a nasty comment on their instagram account. To me, it's absolutely ludicrous.

Because lets face it- often when we catch a glance of our own reflection in a mirror, our response isn't to giggle and squeal, or to give ourselves these huge, cheesy grin. Our reaction -more often than not- is to mumble and moan, or notice these huge, non-existent slabs of fat on our body.We look in the mirror, at our own reflection, with disgust- and hate.

In the words of Hannah Gale herself, "You HAVE to accept your flaws and your lumps and you bumps and the things that make you YOU. You have got to be your own best friend and your own cheerleader"

So lately, I've been taking extra care to make sure I'm wearing clothes that make me feel good rather than 'look' good. Because even though the green wide fit trousers I bought in New Look make my legs look three sizes up from what they actually are when I look in the mirror... when I don't look in the mirror, I feel amazing, confident, and beautiful.

And on a quick side note, that's why I spend so much time getting ready in the morning. It's not to look good for the people around me. The people I pass in the street aren't going to notice the time I spent perfecting my winged liner and eye makeup with the shade chopper in the crease of my eye. But I notice it. And it makes me feel good, and it makes me happy.

So let's not dress to look a certain way. Instead, let's dress to feel good.

(Happy May-Day too, by the way)
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