Reaction: I'm not dressing to look thinner

Monday, 1 May 2017

You know that amazing moment when a really young child catches a glance of their reflection in a mirror? They giggle and squeal, and give themselves these huge, cheesy grins. They look in the mirror, at their own reflection, with amusement- and love.

When did we lose that? When did we start looking in the mirror and pointing out our flaws?

Last month, Hannah Gale (the actual legend of a human being) published a post to talk about her experience of uploading a picture of herself on instagram... and being called out on it because the 'angle and outfit' wasn't 'flattering'. I'm not even kidding, you can read her post about it here.

I find it so ridiculous that in this day an age (where every second post I see on instagram is something to do with appreciating our own and other peoples beauty) someone would be as arrogant and idiotic as to make someone feel insignificant and ugly by leaving such a nasty comment on their instagram account. To me, it's absolutely ludicrous.

Because lets face it- often when we catch a glance of our own reflection in a mirror, our response isn't to giggle and squeal, or to give ourselves these huge, cheesy grin. Our reaction -more often than not- is to mumble and moan, or notice these huge, non-existent slabs of fat on our body.We look in the mirror, at our own reflection, with disgust- and hate.

In the words of Hannah Gale herself, "You HAVE to accept your flaws and your lumps and you bumps and the things that make you YOU. You have got to be your own best friend and your own cheerleader"

So lately, I've been taking extra care to make sure I'm wearing clothes that make me feel good rather than 'look' good. Because even though the green wide fit trousers I bought in New Look make my legs look three sizes up from what they actually are when I look in the mirror... when I don't look in the mirror, I feel amazing, confident, and beautiful.

And on a quick side note, that's why I spend so much time getting ready in the morning. It's not to look good for the people around me. The people I pass in the street aren't going to notice the time I spent perfecting my winged liner and eye makeup with the shade chopper in the crease of my eye. But I notice it. And it makes me feel good, and it makes me happy.

So let's not dress to look a certain way. Instead, let's dress to feel good.

(Happy May-Day too, by the way)

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