My High Hopes for June

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Happy June, friends! I hope you all had a great month full of fun and laughter! 

Summer is in full swing (even though the weather isn't always reflective of it) and I'm absolutely loving it. Winter is the hardest season for me- apart from always getting a bloody cold/flu, I also have to give myself an extra bit of TLC in order to take care of myself while my mental health takes a slump due to seasonal affective disorder. I've done really well this year, and I'm really proud of myself for how well I've coped- but I am certainly glad that that period is over and done with. 

Summer is all about spending time with your friends, having a laugh, and living life to the full. When someone mentions "summer" I think of holidays, beaches, and barbeques. I think about the times I spent holidaying in Poland with my family, going on shopping sprees, and late night outings to see the stars. 

This month, I have a lot to do and a lot to look forward to.

I hope to maintain my passion for life and my wide, wide smile. I am an all-round genuinely happy person... it's just kinda who I am; an integral part of what makes me, well, me. I want to leap into April with a grin on my face, and sprinkles of joy left behind in a trace wherever I go. 

I hope that people will say "that Sara lass, she a person with an abundance of positivity", and I hope that will reflect on the encounters I have with everyone I cross paths with this month. I not only want to be happy- I want to create happiness. Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing if I could bring a sprinkle of joy to at least one person a day? That would be 30 beautiful, joyous encounters this month alone. 

I also hope to work hard and put my all into every little detail. 

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