Why I'm going VEGAN with my MAKEUP

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Eight months ago, my makeup collection primarily consisted of products from MAC, NYX, Bobbi Brown and Makeup Revolution; and to some extent it still does. Only eight months ago, I turned a blind eye to issues like animal cruelty in the beauty/makeup domain... until I talked to Lois Hanna.

My friends and I were a few weeks into university, still getting to know each-other, when I suggested we all go to get our makeup done together at MAC in House of Frasers before we all went on our night out. Everyone seemed pretty keen, and we got into a frantically excited conversation about makeup. I told them of my extensive collection of MAC products, and how I would probably never wear anything other than my MAC Pro Longwear foundation on a night out. 

That's when Lois chimed in to tell us how she has not, does not, and will never buy any products from MAC. In my surprise I questioned her, curious to know why would anyone be so against such a brilliant high end cosmetic brand. Her response was a comment about how MAC carried a reputation of disgusting, inhumane treatment of animals.

Sure- their products are beautiful, long lasting, and highly pigmented... but at what cost?

The next day I went home to do a bit of my own research, and was shocked to find out that my favourite makeup brand had been caught up in scandal after scandal with regards to animal cruelty, testing, and use of animals in their actual products. MAC -as well as many other makeup tycoons- claimed to be 'cruelty free', but below the surface was a culture of paying third-party companies to carry out some horrific procedures on animals.

Every time you spend money on a product by a brand that endorses animal cruelty, you are essentially funding those experiments. It's kind of like the opposite of products where a percentage of the profits go to charity. 

Now, makeup is expensive as heck- and I don't exactly go for the cheaper, more 'affordable' brands when it comes to splashing cash on products that are going to end up on my face. So I can't promise you that I'm never going to wear makeup that doesn't submit cruel treatment on animals. I have a couple hundred pounds worth of makeup stored away, most of which I use every day.

I do, however, pledge to discontinue purchasing makeup products from brands which are unethical and immoral. In order to do this in a truly effective way, I've concluded that from now on, I'm going to be super picky about the products I spend my hard-earned cash on. 

For me, the only way I know for certain that the products I buy are completely ethical is by going vegan... but just with my makeup (for now).

Vegan makeup brands not only promise to abstain from animal cruelty, not using any animal products whatsoever, and being totally against animal testing; they often use recycled/recyclable materials for packaging... AND campaign for animal rights. If you're struggling to think of examples, just think of Lush.

I've listed a couple of vegan brands I've got my eye on in a draft post... I'm not sure if I'll post it or if I'll just keep it to myself just yet, but I'll let you know! For now, just remember that my 'Scrub n' Kiss' Lip Scrubs are 100% vegan... so do please pop over to my etsy and support me.

 I do hope this post encourages you to look into the brands you're supporting.

Adios xo

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