I Want To Go To The Beach

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Today, my friend Nikki flew back home to Hong Kong. My Mum, Dad, and brother drove from Germany -through Switzerland- to France. Another friend is having the time of his life in Magaluf... And another is spending time with her family while in Barcelona. 

I'm in my kitchen eating tomato and bacon pasta and watching Dear John.

And don't get me wrong, Dear John is one hell of a movie... it's just that I'd rather be in a beautiful resort on an exotic island, drinking some fancy fruity cocktail as I lounge by the pool in my Love-Island-worthy bikini.

I'd rather be eating pasta in a proper Italian restaurant, thank you very much.

Yes Mum, Dad, I'm jealous.

I'm getting sick of going on instagram and seeing my friends stories showing beautiful scenes of their holidays. Some of us still have work, you know!

In fact, I am so in need of some kind of getaway that my google search history has pretty much been taken over by searches like "Cheap Beach Holiday", or "Affordable Student Holidays". It's even gotten to the point where I started looking up holidays in the UK; glamping near Brighton anyone?

Sadly, this year I'm just not going to have a summer filled with pretty bikinis, beaches and booze- although I'll probably still have some booze, let's be honest. And as my Mum keeps reminding me, I did at least manage to fund myself a week away to Greater London last month, where I got to finally explore the capital, and spend time with much loved & missed family and friends. Next week I've even got four days off to visit family in Liverpool! Lucky me... Megabus, here I come.

But although I've got a bit of the 'lack of a holiday' blues, I need to remember that this is all for a reason.

In a little more than a month, I move out to my swanky little city-centre flat, and I'm sure I'll need all the money I can get to make sure my transition to total self-sufficiency is as smooth as possible.

I've eaten all of my pasta now. Dear John is almost finished, and for the first time in the past few weeks the sun has actually come out.

Don't get too excited though, there's still plenty of clouds in the sky; this is Scotland, not Mallorca, after all. I think I might go for a walk later, if it's still nice out. 

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