Luxe October Wishlist

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

October; the month where it's finally acceptable to go all out on the autumnal candles, the faux fur blankets, and all the other amazing autumnal decorations out there. The month where bloggers -like me- go nuts about #Blogtober. 

Oh, and it's also my.




I've always loved reading wishlist posts. Friday Faye recently posted her very own Cosy Autumn Wishlist, which I thought was AMAZING.

In an ideal world I'd be able to work my way through this and buy everything I want, but sadly my world doesn't work like that (yet) so if I'm lucky you might see me making a couple of purchases over the next few months... but only if I'm very. Lucky.

1. Lancome's Ultrawear Foundation

I have been pining over this foundation for ages but so far I've resisted the urge to splurge... I'm trying this new thing where I actually finish my foundations and concealers before I replace them and they dry out (like my bank balance ngl, lol). In the past two years I've realised how much I underestimate the power of foundation; the foundation you use is a huge player in how your makeup feels, sets, and lasts throughout the day. 

I've tested Lancome's Ultrawear Foundation several times to make sure I get the right match (I'm shade 021 for everyone who's not asking) and it just feels so silky smooth on my skin... you have no idea.

2. Spectrum's 10 Piece Fetch Set

Okay but I FREAKING LOVE MEAN GIRLS, and I've been lusting over Spectrum's collection of beautiful brushes for far too long. Gretchen doesn't need to try to make 'fetch' happen anymore, because for me it's already happened... and it's been packed up into the most beautiful set of brushes the world have ever seen. 

I mean, I don't think I've wanted something this much since I was eight years old and begging my Mum for the Little Mermaid barbie doll. 

3. Oliver Bonas' Grid Two Shelf Storage Unit 

Imagine the perfect bedroom/lounge... beautiful, cosy, minimalistic- and completely instagrammable. That's the kind of space I long for, and am hopeful to achieve... at some point in the near (but more likely distant) future. You know, the kind of home that the mega rich bloggers and youtubers showcase all the time. The kind of home, that would probably have a cute little signature storage unit like this. 

4. CC Clarke's Rapunzel Synthetic Lace Front Wig

So I first saw Gina wear this wig a good few months ago and it was pretty much love at first sight. I've never bought (or worn) a wig before, but CC Clarke's wigs all look so lush that I can't help but pine over them and wish that they were mine. I've always been super experimental, and I would love to try out all the different looks I could create with a wig as gorgeous as this... BUT I'm a poor student, and I definitely don't have £80 lying around for me to splurge on a new wig.

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