My 8 Blogging Commandments

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today's post is yet another last-minute post that I conjured up the day before publishing. Damn do I miss the days that I had posts scheduled months ahead at a time... turns out having a busy lifestyle means it's harder to be on top of everything. And yes, that includes my inability to properly promote Sara Louisa on social media. Does that make me a failure as a blogger?

I'm sorry, I'll try harder next time.

And while I might be 'failing' to do everything that I should be doing to ensure Sara Louisa prospers, I promise to stick by these commandments. I couldn't think of 10, so you'll have to do with 8 for now... maybe I'll think of more another time. 

These are the things that I believe make or break a blogger...

1. Believe in your content, because if you don't believe in it then why should anyone else?

2. Don't bulshit. People aren't idiots, and they can see through dishonesty.

3. Be true to yourself. As I said, people aren't idiots- transparency is key.

4. Stop comparing yourself to the others, just be happy that they are successful, and focus on improving yourself without making it a competition. 

5. Be self motivated. Sure, we all need a kick up the arse at times, but ultimately you should be driven by an inner passion for what you do.

6. Never be too 'satisfied' and always look for ways to improve and get better.

7. Support other bloggers, and spread some love around without expecting anything in return

8. Similarly, reach out to the bloggers/creatives around you- they can be a great source of inspiration.

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