People Don't Read Anymore

Sunday, 15 October 2017

My favourite day of this week consisted of me being super productive and getting shit done, going out for a coffee and a walk with a really nice guy, and celebrating my friends birthday at THE loveliest Japanese restaurant in town.

My least favourite day of this week consisted of me finding out that Glamour Mag discontinued, running out of coffee in the flat, and going to one lecture where the lecturer droned on and on and on about how 'nobody really reads anymore', and another where I was told that the future of written content is roboticized.

Seriously, this guy was convinced that most of the stories we read on the news are written by robots.

Reading Hannah Gale's post about The End of Glamour Magazine got me thinking a lot about written content in general. Because as Hannah puts it, if Glamour can't keep the magic alive, can anyone?

Going back as little as 5 years ago, I would always have at least one magazine and three books on my bedside table. Reading is what ignited my passion for writing, and damn did I read a lot.

Now, apart from getting my daily dose of blog posts, I barely even finish one book in the space of three months... and that's kind of sad. 

I'm still perceived as someone who reads 'a lot' compared to my friends. Like, I have friends who haven't read a non-compulsory book in the past three years.

For real. 

Three whole freaking years.

And while that definitely makes me feel better about my lack of reading, it makes me wonder about the future of written content. Even in the blogging community, sometimes I get the sense that the only people who are consuming blogger content are bloggers themselves.

I really don't want people to give up on written content. I want reading to be exciting again, and for more people to look forward to reading a good book, or catching up on a blogger's latest posts.

One of the things I love about the blogging community is how we hype up certain books, and encourage each other to read them. (The Girl Gang Book Club is a great example of this, and if you don't know about it then I'd definitely recommend checking it out).

How amazing would it be if we started sharing our evangelical zeal (fancy words there, check u out Sara) with our non blogger friends. Telling all your friends about this amazing book you just read that they just HAVE to check out, and passing it on to somebody so that they have no choice but to read it. Lol. 

And how amazing would it be if we started doing that with blogs, too? 

What if we didn't just promote our own blog posts, but we actually messaged our friends (especially the ones who aren't part of the blogosphere) telling them about the super cool blog post that we just read and thought they'd love.

Can we do that?


Adios, xo


  1. I think about this A LOT and feel the same way. Reading just isn't everyone's cup of tea these days!

  2. I love this post. I have always wanted to be a reader, but always found I didn't have the time. Lockdown has changed that, luckily for me - but I really want to keep it up now I'm back out and about. This post has served as a fab reminder of that, thank you! x


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