4 Lifechanging Poetry Books That You NEED To Read Right Now

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Hiya loves! It's 1pm right now, and I'm still in my pajamas and in bed. Last week was my last 'week off' before the uni madness begins again, so I decided to take a couple of days off work to catch up with the blog, and too just chill for once. 

Year after year, I have always made the same New Year's resolution; to read more. Or actually, even just to read at all. 

And every year without fail, I fail.

I don't know, maybe there's something about spending the whole day at uni, reading all this academic stuff, that has just made me fall out of love with the concept of reading. 

And I know I'm not the only one, because a few months ago I wrote this post about how people don't read anymore. And I got a whole lot of people telling me on twitter how they really struggled to find the motivation to read a full book. 

But earlier last month, I went christmas shopping with two of my closest friends. We headed straight to Urban Outfitters (because yes I am hella broke, and yes that place is expensive af but it is also my heaven), and to my surprise, instead of looking through the skirts or the shoes, my friends made a beeline for the books.

The books.

They asked me if I had heard of Rupi Kaur before, and I shrugged my shoulders. Maybe, I don't know? 

Apparently she was some kind of best selling author poet, who had two 'amazing' books filled to the brim with hard hitting, inspirational poetry. I had a flick through her debut book Milk and Honey, and decided that I was going to buy it. And since Urban Outfitters had a "Buy One Get One Half Price" deal on, I also picked up The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace. Not gonna lie, the title alone already had it sold on me from the get go.

I had always thought about poetry as some kind of old fashioned, long winded puzzle. In school we studied poems about trees being cut down, and obscure things like that. Our teachers had to explain and unravel the true meaning behind each and every poem we looked at. 

To me, poetry was never really accessible. And I guess I thought it was pretty dorky as well.

These four books showed me that poetry can be accessible, and that it can come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. So far in my journey into the world of modern poetry, I have found a seemingly endless source of words that inspire, comfort, and console.

It's relatable, and it's not complicated.

And a lot of it is pretty short, which helps with my short attention span.

A lot of these poets also have some great instagram accounts, which really helps you get a feel for the kind of poetry they write before you buy the books, so I'll pop some links in throughout this post- make sure you check them out!

So this is it- the book that got me into poetry. 

I really cannot recommend this book enough- it has literally changed the way I look at poetry. Everybody I know who has read this book has loved it, and I've seen countless 5 star reviews on it as well. If you are new to poetry (like me), or haven't read a single bit of poetry in your life, this is definitely a good place to start. 

Milk and Honey is split into 4 parts; the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing. It takes you through a journey of the heartbreak, love, and abuse that Kaur experienced and saw the women around her experiencing. It also has a lot of feminist undertones which really excites me.  

The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace is the second poetry book I have ever read, and I am so glad it was. If Milk and Honey was the spark to ignite the flame, this book is the one that made the fire uncontrollable. This too is split into sections; The Princess, The Damsel, and The Queen; which take you through a journey of abuse, trauma, loss, and empowerment.

As I mentioned before, the reason I picked this book up was of course, because of the title. My name, Sara, means 'princess', so it's not surprising that it caught my eye. But what made me fall deeply in love with this book is how Lovelace pairs minimalistic aesthetics with the most immensely powerful poems. 

I picked up Love Her Wild by Atticus when on a daytrip to Edinburgh with my boyfriend a couple of weeks before Christmas. We both had to get gifts for our Dads, so we popped into Waterstones for a browse- and I ended up dragging him to the poetry section. To my surprise, he picked up and bought a book by Charles Bukowski (I totally didn't think he would be into poetry at all), and I went for this gorgeous book.

Love Her Wild is a beautiful compilation of short romantic poems that warm the heart. Unlike the previous two books that I've talked about, this one doesn't follow a 'storyline' as such, and the themes are a lot less heavy. Also, Love Her Wild displays a collection of magnificent photos accompanying a handful of the poems. It's a lovely book to read in the evening with a cup of tea... especially after a stressful day at work. 

Link to Instagram Account

Smoke & Mirrors by Michael Faudet is a book unlike any other I've ever read or seen before. Faudet weaves together a collection of poetry and prose, illustrating his experiences of love and love lost. There were a couple of pieces which for me were extremely relatable... and some not so much. Still, I absolutely adored this book.

Smoke & Mirrors had me so captivated, that for the first time in years, I finished a book in one day. The first page featured a one-liner which really moved me. I had seen it a couple of times on Instagram, and it has quickly become one of my favourite quotes...

"I believe in you"
-words that water flowers
(Michael Faudet)

Adios, xo


  1. I've never got into poetry as, like you, I have found it very inaccessible!! I might have to rethink and have a look. Thank you for adding the likes too as that was helpful x

    1. I'd definitely recommend checking out these books, it will COMPLETELY change your thoughts on poetry! I post quite a bit of poetry on my instagram stories as well if you're interested- my handle is @saralouisaxo!

  2. I still haven't read milk and honey. I need to get to it.

    1. I honestly think you'd love it Vanessa, it's a must!

  3. I've been looking for new books to read... definitely going to pick up Smoke & Mirrors!

    XO Zoe |

  4. I'm thrown myself back into reading this year after taking years off sadly. I don't read much of anything that isn't non fiction but I'm trying to venture out more. I've seen Milk & Honey around a bit and the others look interesting! Will definitely look into some of these!

    ~ Hazel @ &&


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