Three Kick-Ass Bloggers to Follow NOW

Sunday, 18 March 2018

I really shouldn't be writing this.

What I should be doing, is sitting in the library and getting my head down to get a start on the stack of assignments that I have piling up... yet, here I am.

I've always held tight to the belief that bloggers need other bloggers- in my last blogger recommendation post, I was reminded that We rise by lifting others.

It's so important to appreciate the work that other gals are doing in our field so that we can cheer each other on to achieve great things... and that's exactly what I intend to do in this post.

1. Yasmin Stefanie

Yasmin is such an incredibly real gal. She's one of the blogging gals who write about the nitty-gritty, and questions the standards.

And not only is her content on point, but her blog is so chic. She manages to keep all her photos totally consistent, with gorgeous outfit photos to go with each post. This is the post that made me fall in love with Yasmin's blog- it's definitely worth checking out.

2. Katie-Leigh

Katie-Leigh is another totally real, beautiful girl, and I look up to her in so many ways. She's not afraid to say what she thinks- even if her opinions are unpopular.

Integrity is so important in the blogging community- and sometimes it can be difficult to find bloggers who really do have integrity, but Katie-Leigh definitely does. Another thing I 
love about her is her readiness to boost the bloggers around her; whether that's by dishing out shoutouts, retweets, or generally encouraging the people around her.

3. Mollie Clarke

Mollie is an all-around wonderful gal in my opinion. She's a fellow tea & bath enthusiast, and co-host on @BDIBchat.

As well as running a killer blog (and all the social media/work etc. that goes into that), Mollie is a kick-ass social media manager. She knows her stuff, and she's pretty willing to help anyone who's looking for a bit of advice- or share her knowledge on her blog.

Adios, xo

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