It's Been Three Months... Here's What's Happened

Sunday, 10 June 2018

It's been a while since I last sat down on my sofa to write a blog post. I've got a wee cup of green tea by my side, and I'm feeling good. 

It's good to be back. 

Nearly every blogger I know has had to take a hiatus at some point in their career, for a number of reasons, and I am no different. I've had a couple of breaks from blogging, and they usually come from me just being a little bit overwhelmed- by work, uni, or life in general. 

This break wasn't planned, but I did kind of expect it... but we'll get to that in a minute. 

Since I've been 'off the grid' for a while, I thought I'd catch you up on some of the things that have been happening over the last few months. 


I have been dying (literally) to have light blonde hair for years. I got my hair dyed for the first time when I was 16 and on holiday in Poland; I had somehow convinced my Mum to take me to the hairdresser near to where we were staying, and I got blonde highlights which I literally loved. Since then, I've redyed my hair a little bit lighter every summer. If you scroll way, way back on my Instagram you'll be able to see where I've dyed my hair and when I've let the blonde fade out for Autumn/Winter.

Last month, I decided I wanted to change my hair completely. I finally got the guts to go all the way, and bleach my hair. The only problem? I'm a poor student working on minimum wage, and I had just stopped receiving my student loans for over the summer break. So instead of getting it done professionally, I popped into Superdrug and got my flatmate to DIY it. At first, my hair turned a really brassy, yellow shade- but with the help of A LOT of toner and purple of shampoo, I've managed to get it to the shade I wanted!! 

If you want to see what my hair looked like before I dyed it, check out the post I wrote about my trip to Iceland or the post I wrote about being a stereotypical white girl.


My second year of university is officially all done and dusted, and I honestly can't believe it. I feel like I say this about every year, but I definitely think that this academic year has been a year full of change and self-realization. I have learned so much about who I am and what I value, and things are looking up from here. I actually got my results for the year last week, and I can proudly say that I passed with merit! (That basically means I got over 60%)

In theory, finishing up for summer should mean that I have more time to myself- but it almost feels like the opposite. I've been consciously trying to keep myself busy with work and meeting up with people- but I am definitely being a lot more careful in going about that this time... you might remember the post I wrote about doing too much and burning out.


One of the great things about University is the holidays. I finished all my coursework and exams back around the start of May, and don't have to go back until September, which gives me a good 4 months off. This means I can work a lot more as I try to support myself (and pay for all the adult-y things like rent and bills and FOOD), but it also means I have a lot less to do. And as my friends and family know very well, I like to be busy. I thrive when I have lots and lots to do. 

In February, I was lucky enough to go on a short trip to explore the beautiful country of Iceland with my friends. But apart from that, I haven't gone on holiday anywhere in the last two years... and I won't be able to go anywhere this year either, for a couple of reasons.

But I am absolutely dying to get out of Glasgow- if even only for a couple of days. Because as much as I adore this city, everyone needs a break every once in a while. I've been looking at a couple of cottage/caravan retreats around Scotland, but I can't drive so my choices are pretty limited. If anyone has any recommendations for low-budget breaks around Scotland (or maybe the north of England), please get in touch!!


So this is the bit you've been waiting for... the main reason for my hiatus.

Some of you lovely readers might remember the post I wrote recommending you a couple of my favorite poetry books. Since then my love for the art of poetry has only grown deeper and deeper, and my collection of modern poetry books has grown alongside it. 

Well, not only have I enjoyed reading poetry lately... but a couple of months ago I actually began dabbling with a little bit of writing myself, and discovered a real passion for it. Over the past few months I have managed to fill notebook after notebook to the brim, overflowing with poems of my own. And, with the help of BookWright, I came to the decision that I would put all of my poems together in a book- which I am working on right now, as we speak.

I've always liked a good challenge, and this certainly is one. So much thought has been put into the structuring, layout, and order of each poem that goes into the book, and I've enjoyed every second of it. I literally cannot wait to share it with you. For now, keep an eye on my insta-stories, as I do post some of my own poems up every so often.

Adios, xo


  1. HEY YOU! I have been kind of the same way as of recently. I have been an inconsistent blogger. I think this is all due to my space not feeling like MY BLOG. The layout hasn't matched up with me for a while now. Annoying.

    Glad to see that you are back on your space! I missed reading everyone's posts. YOUR HAIR LOOKS FABO! I am so excited about your poetry book. I can't wait to see it be published and shipped to everyone who buys it. You'll do so wonderful with it.

    Simply Me

    1. Thank you so, so much for your constant support over the years Vanessa... you have always been such a true friend and encouragement to me- and I truly don't know where I would be without your little bursts of sunshine on my blog <3


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