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Sunday, 24 June 2018

If you've had a read through my blog, you will know that I cover a whole range of different 'niches' and topics. In the space of a month I have gone from talking about my experience living on my own as a student to chatting about blogging statistics

One of the things I get asked about the most in relation to my blog is what I actually write about. And when I tell non-bloggers that Sara Louisa is a lifestyle blog, a lot of them start thinking that I have some kind of online diary... when in reality, that is far from the case.

If someone asked me (or anyone who knows me) to sum myself up in one word, I would really struggle. I am a multifaceted individual; I, like Shrek, have layers. Even if I was somehow able to boil myself down to one word, it would never cover all the different aspects of my life and personality. Thus, since my blog is a reflection of myself, it takes on this feature of being multifaceted. 

Yes, I guess Sara Louisa does sort of fit in the whole 'lifestyle' blogger niche, but sometimes I write posts that lean towards other niches- like the posts I write about my mental health. Amie from The Curvaceous Vegan put it perfectly into words when she said "if I do have a niche... I am that niche".

That's not to say that niches don't have their place in the blogging community... because of course, they do. Loads of my favourite bloggers categorize themselves under a niche; Hannah Gale, Dorkface, and Wondeforest are just a couple niche bloggers that I have a lot of respect for. 

And for a new blogger, having a niche can be really useful for a number of reasons. When I started getting serious about blogging, I found that having a niche made it a lot easier for me to brainstorm for posts, connect with some similar bloggers, and really build my blog and image in general. But now that my blog is a bit more established than it was at the start, I have really been enjoying the freedom that a niche-free blog offers.

For me, I have more important things to consider when it comes to my blog- figuring out what niche it falls under isn't really a priority. I would rather spend the little time I have focusing on marketing my blog through social media and creating top quality content that I am proud to have on Sara Louisa.

Adios, xo

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  1. I was the same! I actually started two blogs, one beauty focused and one book focused but then decided the merge and to become a 'lifestyle' blog as I loved both topics so much! I've also really enjoyed the increased freedom for writing under the 'lifestyle' niche!

    Becky @ Uptown Oracle x


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