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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Happy Sunday, friend! 

Today, I'm setting some new goals.
photo credit: Vlada Karpovich

I've really enjoyed getting back into the swing of things in the blogosphere. 

You might remember the post I published to commemorate my return to the blogging world at the start of June, but if you don't- you can check it out right here. After having taken a three-month hiatus to temporarily refocus my priorities, I feel like I have come back to Sara Louisa with a new found enthusiasm for creating quality content for all of you lovely people. 

I've only set myself 3 relatively simple and easy goals for the month, because I want to set myself realistic goals that I know I will be able to achieve- especially because I'm still trying to get properly back into the swing of things... that hiatus really did take it out of me.

 But I strive for continuous improvement on this blog, and that would be impossible to achieve without a plan of action, and goals that I want to achieve. And that is exactly what I want to share with you today.


Over the last year or so, I've managed to keep up a steady pattern of publishing a post on Sara Louisa at least once a week. I chose to publish on Sunday mornings, as this was the time I saw the most engagement way back when I used to post daily. Obviously, with my hiatus, this came to a halt, but I hope to continue my 5-week streak over July.


I've talked a little bit about the significance of 'returning visitors' in a post I wrote about the blogger statistics that I care about. Basically, it's a tool used in Google Analytics that calculates what percentage of traffic to your blog is from people who have been to your blog before- as well as those who haven't. Currently, that statistic is sitting at around 70% for new visitors and 30% for returning visitors- ideally, I would like to see more of a balance between new and returning visitors going forward in July, so I'm going to be doing everything I can to make sure that new visitors become returning ones.


'Bloggers Supporting Bloggers' is the name of one of the facebook pods I'm a part of... and it's also something which I have neglected lately. I want to get back into the swing of things- starting by commenting on a minimum of 5 blog posts a day. Not to further my own blog, but just simply to support the community that I love being a part of.

Adios, xo


  1. Welcome back to the blog world. I have not heard of the returning visitors tool, will check it out. Thanks.

    1. It's a great tool to use! I love seeing how many people regularly check out my blog!

  2. I really want to start commenting on posts more too - I love it when people comment on my blog so I want to give that feeling back :) x

    Alice // The Rose Glow


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