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Saturday, 5 September 2020

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As I announced on Saturday, the month of September is going to be completely focused on student-centered content here on Sara Louisa. We have some super exciting guest posts lined up from an incredible selection of guest bloggers, and here to kick it all off with a post about her favourite student bloggers, is Amber Page!


Whether you're just about to start university or if you're well into your journey of trying to make your way through life as a student, a great place to find great content is by looking at student blogs. There are so many bloggers out there that create content specifically tailored for students, which can offer you all sorts of help, support, and inspiration. There are student-focused bloggers out there who write posts about a whole host of subtopics from learning how to revise more effectively; to styling a capsule wardrobe for university! Reading these kinds of posts has really helped me in my own journey. 

That's why I have decided to put together 5 of my favourite student blogs.This list includes bloggers who have shone a light on their experiences as students, as well as graduate bloggers who have written about what life is like after university. Sometimes the transition from student to graduate is the hardest part, but not to worry- we have plenty of resources lined up to help guide you through that! 

These blogs offer a range of #StudentHacks but also delve into some slightly deeper topics- such as student wellbeing and mental health. All of the bloggers featured here are either currently studying at university or have already graduated, so I can guarantee that they know exactly what it's like to be a student!

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Life and Times of a Student (Now called Miss is Goode) - Issy

Life and Times of a Student is one of my all-time favourite blogs. It's probably the blog which has helped me the most during my time at university. Issy documented her whole university experience right from the beginning- with her first post having been published 23 days before she started first year! I honestly don't think you could get a more holistic picture of student life... and Issy shared a bunch of tips throughout it all. 

But here's the catch: Issy hasn’t actually posted student-related content since 2018, when she graduated and rebranded her blog (making the change from 'Life and Times of a Student', to 'Miss is Goode'). She now focuses on creating lifestyle and travel content, however you can still find all of her helpful university-related posts easily enough since she has a tab specifically for university & student posts! 

There is a section for all her university and student-related posts. So even if you do not attend university yet, or if you are still at school, you can use her blog posts to guide you through the prospects of student life.

The Lazzzy Student - Georgia 

The Lazzzy Student focuses on University, mental health and living the lazy student life. It's just SUCH  a relatable blog! I love her post ‘How to survive living independently for the first time ( moving into halls checklist)’ as it gave me a clear idea of what to expect. She offers a range of posts all about university and her experiences with it. It is super helpful reading other people's experiences before you attend university yourself. Georgia is one of the most down to earth student bloggers and her posts are well worth the read.

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The Grad Hub Blog - Rohan 

The Grad Hub is an amazing place where you can find all sorts of relevant information regarding university, travel, careers advice, recipes and jobs. From finding jobs and updating your CV to budget traveling and student recipes, The Grad Hub has it all. Despite ‘Grad’ being in the title, this blog is super helpful for all students. I found it especially helpful when deciding whether I wanted to do a Masters at University or not.

Harry Clark Law - Harry

Harry is currently a lawyer who blogs and creates podcasts on his journey and his profession. This student blog may not be for everyone as it is very tailored to Law. Harry is a Law graduate from the University of York. He created his blog to help others find the experience and opportunities they needed surrounding Law. This was super interesting to me as Law was something I was into. He also runs the ‘More from Law’ podcast which you can assess on itunes and spotify through his blog.He does talk about his university experience as well as things like wellbeing so be sure to check out that.

Mind the Gap Graduates - Maddie

And lastly, we have Maddie who runs a blog called Mind the Gap Graduates. Mind the Gap Graduates was one of the first blogs I ever read, and it has so much valuable information! Her main focus is on the transition of moving on from being a student, and personally, despite not graduating for another year, I find Maddie's blog extremely useful for helping me start to plan ahead. 

She has published a series of mini-interviews, which I especially love as they give you a wonderful insight into the real-life experiences of a bunch of different recent graduates! It's always interesting seeing what kind of struggles people come into, and how they overcome them. Maddie also has a section in her blog where she collects graduate experiences and reflections, which I think is a wonderful idea!

Maddie also writes brilliant advice-centred blog posts for those in their 20s, and she touches on a wide range of topics including self-care, finances, and career goals. You don't live the student life forever (unfortunately), so this collection of posts really helps those who are making the transition from university on towards graduate life. I personally think it's great to be able to read a little about what life is like as an adult.

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These 5 student bloggers have helped me massively, and I am certain that their posts will continue to help me over the next few years! They each offer something a little different which is what makes them all so great. Not only do they offer you advice throughout your student years, your university years but also your graduate years when you are no longer a student. I do believe planning for life after university is an extremely important part of being a student.

Whatever it is you are struggling with whether it be nerves before starting university, or deciding what to study or what to do with your career, then there are so many resources & people which can all really help you out.

About the Author

My name is Amber Page and I currently run my blog called The Unpredicted Page where I write about my student tips and advice. I am a 20-year-old student studying BA Accounting and Finance at University. As well as this I talk about Life advice including baking recipes, money advice and travel tips, Healthy Living including self-care and beauty tips, and Blogging Tips.

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