5 Happy Things | October 2020

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Happy Saturday, friends!
I hope you all have something to smile about this week.
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If you read the post that I wrote back in July about the '3 Good Things That Happened During My Break From Blogging', you might remember that I talked a little bit about a regular feature that I used to have on my blog, called "5 Happy Things". At least once a month, I would sit down with my bullet journal and list all the things that had made me smile or filled me with joy... and then from that I would hand-pick the 5 most significant things which I would write about. Sometimes I would write about things as simple as the weather, or the TV shows I was watching. Other times, I would write about more intimate, personal things.

Well, today I decided to revisit that old tradition.

The "5 Happy Things" series was born out of a desire to promote the practice of gratitude in my little corner of the internet. I've always wanted to make Sara Louisa a lighthearted & positive space, and this always used to be one of my favourite ways of doing it. 

I don't know if it'll still be the same all these years on, but the posts I wrote for this series were usually some of my most popular blog posts. I always pinned it down to how personal and fun they were for me to write... but if there's anything in particular that you like about today's post, I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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If you follow me on social media (particularly Instagram), then you might be aware that I have Seasonal Anxiety Disorder (SAD), which is also known as Winter Depression. All that really means, is that as the days get darker, my mental health battle gets harder. In previous years, I have always referred to the Autumn/Winter months as 'SAD Season'... HOWEVER this year I decided to reframe things. I've renamed SAD season as Hygge Season, and I have put in place a bunch of steps to make my living areas as cozy & hygge as possible. 

You know, things like bringing out my fluffiest blankets & pillows, putting fairy lights everywhere, and buying the most gorgeous Himalayan salt candle holders from Amazon.


If you read this post then you might already know that this year I embarked upon my journey towards becoming a qualified teacher, but for those of you who don't know, I am currently in the process of completing my PGDE in Primary Education... and I am absolutely loving every. Single. Minute. 

I graduated with First class honors in Business Management this year and while I genuinely mean it whenever I tell people that I really enjoyed my undergrad course, it never really 'clicked' for me. I think that while I found management theory really interesting, I never really saw myself as a manager. The same, however, cannot be said about teaching. Not only do I love my course, my classmates, and my wonderful tutors & lecturers, but I can actually visualise myself as a teacher.

I can't wait for the day I have my very own class.

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03. Go Outside, Girl!
Back in September, I took part in the British Red Cross 'Miles For Refugees' Challenge, during which I completed 108 miles in 15 days, to represent the journey that thousands of refugees have made from Calais to London. Since then, I have continued to keep up the regular walking & cycling -although admittedly at much shorter distances than I did during the challenge- and it has had such a positive impact on my mind! 

I think that because I've mostly been doing uni from my bedroom, going outside at least once a day for a 30-minute walk/cycle has really helped me to mentally ground myself. I'm really proud of myself for managing to get out of that front door, even on the days that my mind tries to convince me not to.


This is another one that you might already be aware of if you follow me on my socials... but I've been rather chuffed with how Sara Louisa has come along in the past few months since I made my official return to the blogosphere earlier on this year. I never imagined that just two and a half months into my return I'd be juggling 3 separate brand collabs, and checking my PR email daily!!

Honestly? I doubted that I'd even still be writing in October...

But here I am, slowly making the transition from Ad Gifted to Sponsored posts. 
And that's pretty exciting. 

I am forever grateful to everyone who has supported and encouraged me, everyone who has shared my blog (whether that was with friends, family, or social media followers), and every single one of you who has left a comment on one of my posts. It genuinely makes my day every time someone tells me that they read and enjoyed one of my posts... that kind of feeling just never gets old


I read a news story a couple weeks ago about how lockdown has inspired many British young adults to reconnect with old friends, and while I can't say I was ever particularly 'disconnected' with my close friends from school, I can say that I have definitely been spending more time with them over lockdown. 

Usually my friends from school and I would all be so busy during the year, that we'd be lucky if we got to see each other more than 4-5 times a year, but if there's one thing that lockdown has done then it's cleared our calendars. 

And for that I am grateful. 

It's genuinely been so lovely being able to go on regular walks with some of my oldest and most loyal friends, and having stupid chats about absolutely nothing & everything at the same time... you know, the kind of chats that you only ever really have with people who you've known for years. My friends, if you are reading this right now (you know who you are), then just know that I value you infinitely. 

Photo Credit: Tanya Trukyr

What are you grateful for this month?

Until next time...

Adios, Sara Louisa xo

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