6 Lessons I Learnt While Reading 'A Love Letter Life' by The Roloffs

Saturday, 3 October 2020

Hey friends! Happy Saturday.

I just want to kick off today's post by letting you all know that this is NOT an ad!! I genuinely love this book deeply. Actually, the six 'lessons' I'm going to be talking about were originally noted down in my bullet journal waaaaaaay before I even returned from my blogging hiatus. 

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are an incredibly inspiring Christian couple who live in Bend, Oregon (in the US). They met 10 years ago, in January 2010, on a blind date set up by mutual friends. But believe it or not, they didn't actually hit it off the first time they met. Not that you'd ever be able to tell that looking at them now, with their seemingly picture-perfect family.

'A Love Letter Life' is a book that the couple wrote together, detailing their entire love story; from the first time they met on that blind date, to their first 'proper' date sometime after that, to how they coped with being in a long-distance relationship, to finally being engaged and preparing for marriage.

Their story is one of intentionality and love, mixed in with honest mistakes on the road of pursuit.

As a single, Christian, 20-something girl, I was filled with so much hope and joy as I read this book.

My joy came from hearing about how they overcame difficulties and put effort into showing true, purposeful love to each-other. And my hope came from the realization that one day, I might also attain an imperfect, but intentional romance.

6 Love Lessons I Learnt While Reading 'A Love Letter Life' by The Roloffs


In this book, Audrey and Jeremy discuss a number of ways in which they embraced intentionality in their dating life. In the face of an 878-mile, distance relationship, the Roloffs committed to writing handwritten letters to each-other... even though they could (and did sometimes) text or call.


Jeremy and Audrey embraced sharing as much of their lives as they could, as a tool to help fuel their love- and keep things exciting! In the book, they share stories of how they were inspired to share hobbies during their dating life, and also how throughout their marriage, they were challenged to share their responsibilities in accordance with the principle of sharing.


The Roloffs talk openly and honestly about some of the boundaries they pushed while they were dating. But while they never crossed the line of actually having sex before they got married, they both openly admitted that ultimately, they weren't really thinking about being pure in those moments. 

I love that the Roloffs were able to share their journey -and their mistakes- in such a raw and honest way; to say that while they did make mistakes on their journey, they learned from them. This taught me that I need to put my beliefs into boundaries- and my boundaries, into actions.

Photo Credit: Heather Ford


Okay, so admittedly this one isn't so much something that I have 'learned'. It's a game that the Roloffs talked about in their book, which sounds like a really fun way to get to know people, and I am dying to try it out at some point. 

I'm not going to waste time trying to explain a game that I've not played yet, but if you manage to get your hands on the book, an explanation of how to play can be found on page 46.


Reading about the Roloffs love story seriously encouraged me because it is a true love story that holds the bar for how girls should expect to be treated within a relationship. 

And yeah, the bar is pretty high. 
But it should be high. 

I'm the kind of girl who will give her all to someone when she's in a relationship, and while my 2 most recent ex's were (and still are) great guys... if I'm being honest with you, neither of them were really that romantic. Often, I found that if I wasn't the one organizing dates, we most likely wouldn't have done much more than just sit around the house/flat all day. And while there's nothing wrong with having a lazy day or two, I admire how thoughtful both Jeremy and Audrey were when it came to cultivating their love story. 

Their love story didn't only teach me not to settle though- it also inspired me to continue to be more intentional and creative whenever I start dating again.


The Roloffs put a lot of emphasis on how always continuing to be open to learning throughout their relationship has contributed to helping them keep their romance alive. We never really stop growing, changing and evolving as long as we're alive- so we need to be willing to listen and learn about our significant others (and our friends!). 

Luckily, we live in a world where we have a number of amazing tools available to us at the click of a button, which can help us not only learn about others but can even be used for us to gain a better understanding of ourselves. 

A couple tools that are mentioned in the book are the 5 love languages test, as well as the enneagram test. While I can't say I've yet taken the 5 love languages test, I have done the enneagram test, and it was so accurate. I actually managed to convince a whole bunch of my friends to do, which was super insightful. We ended up learning heaps about each other as we asked questions about each others results.

What do you think is the most important principle to bear in mind when entering into a relationship?

Until next time...

Sara Louisa xo


  1. This sounds like such an amazing book! I love it when a book really sticks with you and gives you a real lesson in life! x

  2. This sounds like such a good book. Its great that you've been able to take away so much from it.

    1. It really is, I'd definitely recommend picking it up if you ever get the chance!

  3. Some sound life/love lessons you have learned from this text! I love how you were able to relate it to your life and get some much positive out of it. Thanks for sharing a great blog!
    Christy |

    1. Thank you so much Christy! It genuinely had such a positive impact on my outlook on life!

  4. Awe I love this post! That sounds like such a great book and I'm glad you learned a lot. I need to read it myself. I love the Roloffs. They are such a cute couple!

    1. Girl, they are honestly INCREDIBLE!!! Definitely recommend reading the book!

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