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Friday, 6 November 2020

Happy Friday, friends. 
I hope you are looking after yourself this week.

Damn. 2020's been a rough year... and it's still going. Now, not only is it SAD season, but a second lockdown is just on the horizon where I live in Scotland. I know how tough it's been for a lot of people, so for today's post I've decided to partner with Femme Luxe Finery to bring you some amazing self-care tips for the Autumn & Winter months. 

I hope this helps.

"Breathe in, Breathe out"

Last week, my friend asked her Instagram audience for some tips on how to practice self-care during SAD season. Although she has made some major moves in changing her lifestyle and adopting some healthy coping mechanisms into her life, I know that she has struggled significantly with the prospect of going into lockdown in the Autumn/Winter months. 

And she's not the only one.

I too have battled with this. 

The difference is, I've dealt with seasonal affective disorder for over 5 years... and while I don't think it's going anywhere, I have learned how to minimise the effect it has on my life over the years. So while I still struggle, I know which warning signs to look out for... and I know how to deal with them. 

The thing about having a long term mental illness is that while you may never get rid of it, you can learn how to make your life slightly more livable.

But this isn't a post about Seasonal Affective Disorder.
This is meant to be a post about self-care.

01. GET TO KNOW YOURSELF - if you haven't already

With all the time we've had to spend by ourselves in 2020, I'd be really surprised if someone told me that they haven't had the chance to get to know themselves. However, if you haven't- there's almost nothing I'd recommend more. Things like writing, bullet journaling, and talking to friends are all things that have really helped me get to know myself that little bit better this year, although earlier on in the year I did have the help of my therapist to give me some much-needed insights. 

If you can access therapy or counseling, I would highly recommend looking into it if you are someone who struggles with poor mental health.

02. KNOW WHEN TO TAKE A BREAK - and get away from the screen

This one follows right on from getting to know yourself. This year I learned that most of the time when I think people are annoyed at me (or seem to be acting as though they dislike me), it's just my tired brain tricking me. 

Sometimes, when you start to think that the whole world is going against you, it's really you who's going against yourself. And in these times it is more important than ever to just breathe deep, relax, and know that you are loved and valued.


As I said at the start of this post, we are all spending a lot more time at home than we usually would- whether we are still working away from home or not (which I currently am, by the way). Now, bearing this in mind, it has become more important than ever to ensure that our homes are set up in a way that maximises comfort. I talked a little bit about how I did this when I wrote this post.

Now, comfort isn't just key when it comes to our homeware; it's important that we are dressing for comfort as well. Loungewear has become a must-have staple for all of us this year, but I have to say that Femme Luxe are absolutely killing it with their 2020 loungewear collection

The grey off-the-shoulder loungewear piece I'm wearing in today's photos came straight from the Femme Luxe website, but honestly they have so many beautiful items up for sale. There really is something for everyone there. 


1. Run a big, hot, bubble bath

2. Wear loungewear all-day

3. Keep a gratitude journal and reflect on it when you're feeling down

4. Pray, meditate, or read the bible
(Psalm 34 is one of my favourite bible verses to read when I'm feeling low)

5. Call a friend

6. Get a cuppa and read an inspiring book
(I've been reading 'It's not supposed to be this way' by Lysa Terkeurst)

7. Treat yourself to some new clothes

8. Go for a walk/run/cycle

9. Drink a sleep-enhancing herbal tea half an hour before bed

10. Make sure you have at least one day a week with zero work (and preferably zero plans)

I wore this grey ribbed off-the-shoulder loungewear jumpsuit in a size 10.

You can purchase it yourself by clicking this link here. 


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Until next time...

Sara Louisa xo



  1. Fantastic post, self-care is so important during these times and I love the tips and tricks you've suggested here. Just breathing and taking a moment to think things over is so important, or having a day where you watch TV and lounge around because you're feeling low. Thanks for sharing these ideas x

    1. Thank you so much! You're so right though- sometimes you'll only have the strenght to 'be', and that's okay. It's okay to stop and say that actually? I've done enough today.

  2. Many times i use to think about One day with zero work and zero plans but now will certainly implement it. Thank you for sharing the post.

    1. I'm so glad I inspired you to actually commit to it! Seriously its had SUCH a massive impact on my wellbeing

  3. Love these tips! A hot bath is definitely my number one solution to stress. Things can’t seem so bad anymore when the warm water hugs you like that!

  4. Really need this post right now! I've been working from home since March and when in lockdown I probably don't go further than three miles from my home. I'm trying to make more time to have breaks from the screen, particularly during the day when at least there is some sunlight.

    1. I'd definitely recommend getting a book to read during your breaks- or going out for a walk! It makes it a LOT easier to not get distracted by your phone while you're taking a screen-break.


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