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Saturday, 5 December 2020

 Good morning friends!
I hope you have had a fabulous start to December...

Yup, ladies and gentlemen we have MADE IT to December! It's official, 2020 is almost over. 
Now usually, the month of December is filled with loads of parties and outings in the lead up to Christmas and New Years', and that would obviously require some strong makeup looks. But although this December is different in a multitude of ways, nobody said we can't treat ourselves to a beautiful glittery eyeshadow palette this month, right?! The question is, which one to go for? I hope that this post will help you decide whether Jolie Beauty's Bomb Dot Com palette is worth it... or not.

Back in October, I wrote a post in which I reviewed a selection of Jolie Beauty's second skin bronzers & blushers. The products were absolutely gorgeously packaged, and I was pleasantly surprised by the shades and texture. 

So when Jolie Beauty reached out asking me to review their eyeshadow palette, I thought I might as well give it a go- knowing that I had a good experience with them previously.

Looking at the colours and the sparkle here, all I can think about is the festive season. With 24 glittered shadows, this palette really is extravagant. Just from the pictures above, you can see that the shadows are well textured, which means they will likely be very glittery when applied. And Jolie really didn't hold back when selecting the colours for this palette- there's enough glitter here for every colour under the rainbow!

In a word, I would say that this palette is extravagant

I mean, this is what real glitter eyeshadow is all about. You know how some palettes claim to be glittery, but then when applied they either lose their colour or the sparkles look really sparse? Well, that most definitely did not happen with these shadows. 

Preparation and application is everything, so I will warn you- I tried to swatch these shadows without a base/primer, and it really did not go well. This palette is much more glitter than it is eyeshadow, so it is extremely important that you have a good base underneath so that the glitter has something to cling to. 

Although the website says that it is a 'pressed glitter' and doesn't need a primer/glitter glue, I would really recommend using one if you want to get the most out it. I used the nyx glitter primer for these swatches.

That all being said, can we just take a moment to appreciate how STUNNING these shades are? I mean damn, they really do pop.

As I predicted, the shadows are extremely textured, so I used my fingers to get the best result. I'm sure a small sponge or cotton bud would also do the trick, but my brushes were just that little bit too soft to really get the colour out. 

Although I didn't swatch all of the colours, I can confirm that each and every single one of these shadows are highly pigmented- which you can, of course, see for yourself in the pictures above. Jolie Beauty really didn't hold back here. 

Not only are the shadows beautifully pigmented and sparkly to the max, but they have an immense amount of lasting power. Since I couldn't exactly keep the swatches on my arm all day to measure how long they would last, I put this to the test by running my arm under a high pressure tap...

...and I kid you not, they didn't budge. 

To be completely honest, I do partially put this down to the glitter primer, but the fact that the glitter and the colour clung on and lasted this well is such a testament to the quality of this palette.

Jolie Beauty? You have my vote on this one. 

The Bomb Dot Com Pressed Glitter Palette can be found on the Jolie Beauty website and is currently priced at £27.99. Make sure you pick it up before it sells out!


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Happy shopping everyone!
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