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Saturday, 13 February 2021

 Happy Saturday, friends!

I have a confession to make... 

Before lockdown 1.0, I secretly hated loungewear

Because before 2020, I was the kind of girl who was at her happiest when she had a reason to get dressed up in a pretty dress and a pair of painful heels. It never really occurred to me that it was possible to look good AND be comfortable at the same time. Things have definitely changed since then, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that Femme Luxe Finery had a pretty big part to play in changing my mind. Today I'm going to share two of my all-time favourite loungewear sets from Femme Luxe. While the products in this post were gifted to me, please remember that all the opinions & thoughts on my blog are my own, unless clearly stated otherwise.

We've almost spent an entire year at home now. I think during this time, a lot of people have realised just how much difference their clothes can make. I've definitely learned to value my own comfort

However, if you're anything like me, then you'll know that comfort on its own isn't enough. 

I still feel my happiest when I feel as though I look my best. So while I'm all about comfort clothes, I'll only wear loungewear sets which look as good as they feel... even if I'm the only one who'll ever see them. Interestingly, research has found that doing simple things like getting ready in the morning can brighten your mood and improve your mental health- and I couldn't agree more. 

01. Pink Boxy Cropped Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set - Cailleigh

The first loungwear set I want to show you is this luxe candyfloss-pink duo. I wore this set in a size 10. The jumper actually comes with a drawstring which I would usually have tightened, but the snow made it way too cold for me to do that, lol.

If you want to see the jumper with the drawstring pulled, you can always just click this link.

My initial thoughts upon seeing this set (before I tried it on) was that it was a bit too pink. Don't get me wrong- I love a bit of colour, but I wasn't 100% sure how I felt about being dressed head to toe in block pink. 

That being said, I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on.

The joggies have a very snug fit, with cuffs on the end of each leg. The cuffs actually made this outfit ideal for going outside- the cuffed legs meant there was absolutely zero chance of any cold air going up my legs. The joggies contrast really well with the cropped hoodie, which has a slightly oversized, boxy feel to it. Although truth be told I prefer the jumper with the drawstring pulled, it still looks (and feels) lush!

This loungewear set is available in sizes 6-16, and you can get your hands on it over on the Femme Luxe Finery website.

02. Black Crew Neck Seam Detail Cropped Sweatshirt High Waisted Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set - Annekke

Okay so here's my second confession of the day: I had no idea that it was going to snow during my shoot for these photos, and it was freezing.

That being said, I'm glad I was wearing this cute black loungewear set- it's got to be one of the cosiest loungewear set out there. (Aside from this grey fleece co-ord, of course).

Now, remember how I said that the pink loungewear set was almost too bright for me? Well this one sang to my soul. Honestly, there's just something about all-black outfits that makes them look so luxe... so timeless.

Unlike the pink loungewear set, the joggies in this one are slightly baggier (although they still have cuffed legs), whereas the top has a crew neck with a cropped & fitted detailing which just hugs your waist. Again, I love the contrast between the baggy joggies and the fitted jumper!

I wore this in a size M (10/12) which fit me perfectly, but this set comes in a selective range of sizes from XS (6/8) to XL (14/16). For the record, I don't think it's accurate to call a size 14/16 an XL, but it is what it is. 

If you'd like to buy this loungewear set, you can hit this link to be taken directly to the Femme Luxe Finery website!

And there we have it- my two favourite lockdown loungewear pieces! If you liked this post, make sure to check out my previous posts:


Until next time...

Sara Louisa xo

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