Welcome to my blog; the little bit of internet space that I call home. Here, you will find a collection of thoughts, lists, encouragements, and stories. 

Hi. I am Sara Louisa Moffat, a second year business student in Scotland. 

I started this blog way back in 2015, when I was still in school and aspired to study journalism at uni. I thought that blogging would be a great way to boost my portfolio, but as time went on I fell more and more in love with blogging, while simultaneously falling out of love with the idea of pursuing a career in journalism. I actually ended up completely changing my mind about uni courses- twice. 

Since then, I have dabbled in several blogging 'niches', and have yet to define Sara Louisa with a niche other than 'Student blogging'. I have gone from writing about my bullet journal, to talking about my mental health journey, to listing some of my favourite bits and bobs.

Ultimately, I hope you find encouragement, inspiration, and happiness here.

Lots of love,

Sara Louisa

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