Welcome to my blog; the little bit of internet space that I call home. Here, you will find a collection of thoughts, lists, encouragements, and stories. 

My name is Sara, and my life has just changed completely. I am currently in my first year of University, and am studying Business Management at Strathclyde University Business School- one of the best Universities for Business in Europe. The transition from high school to University has been a huge, crazy, exciting adventure, and I'm sure if you follow this blog you'll be hearing all about it...

Many of you will remember this blog starting out slightly differently to how it is now. It was only January 2016 when blog hit off and I started putting more and more effort into improving the quality of posts as well as maintaining a steady schedule. Since then, Her Electric Ocean (named after my love for the beach) has gone through many transitions and changes, and is now known as Sara Louisa xo.

I remember when I was first brainstorming for ideas of what to call my piece of the internet, I chose to name it after something I really loved; the ocean. 

Since then, my love for the ocean hasn't dwindled or faded; I still adore going on trips to the beach. However, I as a person have changed- and so has my lifestyle, and so it's only fitting that this change is reflected in my blog.

I hope you find encouragement, inspiration, and happiness here.

Lots of love,

Sara Louisa

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